JD & Sons Audio Production

Who We Are

Akinwumi Akinwande

Audio Engineer - Drums.

Our History

JD & Sons Audio Production started business in Arizona having being incorporated on April 27.

The equipment list grew quickly and in just one year, JD & Sons Audio Production went from 1000W to 10,000W of audio output.

JD & Sons Audio Production upgrades mixers to Presonus Studiolive digital mixers.

After 5 years in business, JD & Sons Audio Production became the most recognized audio equipment rental company among the Nigerian diaspora in Arizona and Southern California..

JD & Sons Audio Production expanded internationally and now offers its services in Nigeria and Ghana. 


Our Team

Job Opportunities

Join the JD & Sons Audio Production family and deliver world-class audio equipment rental delivery

We’re currently looking for experienced audio engineers with a passion for audio. We take pride in our customer service and only hire the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for: 

  • 5+ years experience

  • No driving offenses

  • Technologically advanced

  • Knowledge of local attractions and events

  • Ability to operate digital audio equipment

Please contact our office if you have questions about the hiring process. We will perform a background check for past driving offenses. 

As a musician, you need to sound your best at all times. JD & Sons Audio Production is an independent audio equipment rental company that gives musicians and working bands high-class audio equipment to do their work and sound their best.

Some of our high-tech perks include an all-digital equipment utilizing the DANTE audio network to provide pristine quality audio at all events. Your events will sound best without a hitch when you work with JD & Sons Audio Production. 


Joseph Akinwande

CEO and founder of JD & Sons Audio Production.